Manage Zones

You can manage one or hundred of DNS zones from the Web interface

After update, you push the zone to the DNS servers and reload them to apply the modifications

DNS Servers

You can have one or multiple DNS servers accessed by SSH or Sudo

All the DNS servers must be based on Bind (or read the bind files)


You can save records with the standards types : A, AAAA, PTR, CNAME, TXT, SOA, MX, NS

The SOA serial number is updated each time the zone is pushed on the DNS servers automatically

You can add a text comment to each record which will be readable in the interface or in the Bind file, but not by the Internet

Beautiful and reactive

Based on Bootstrap and Ajax technologies, the interface is reactive and can work on mobile phone, tablet, or wide screen

The search engine can found an entry in few letters, so it is really fast to update zones

REST API / Command line interface

All the actions can be done accross REST to be interfaced with your softwares

You can also drive the DNS accross native CLI commands

See all the technical details on page Rest-CLI

DNS servers

DomDNS is not a DNS server, it drive YOUR DNS servers