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All the source code is free and open. It is BSD licenced.

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The SVN repository is available, with the changelog Changelog


DomDNS can have bugs. The TODO list contains the actual backlog, and the next iterations


Version 0.32 :
  * Allow to import disabled entries from text Bind file
  * Start refactoring code
    * Authentication : remove module and use the Domframework authentication
    * PHP : Simplify the index.php file



  - If a server is down, allow the process to export or reload to be done on all
    the other ones and report the error at the end of the process instead of the
    first error

Later : (Not sorted)
  - Matrix : Display the table in JS instead of PHP to be quicker
  - Matrix : Allow one to create/edit a record by clicking on the matrix
  - Allow a test to be runned to find the entries of a reverse zone which are
    not defined in direct zone (or the entries of a direct zone not defined in
    reverse zone)
  - Allow reverse zones lesser than /24 in IPv4
  - Matrix display : allow the zones lesser than /24 in IPv4 (usage calculation
    forced with 256 records)
  - Matrix : allow the IPv6 reverse zones to be selected on the depth
  - Add a contextual menu to see the available commands available
  - importBind : allow the drag'n drop of file
  - If the request is too long (like importing a big zone), don't let the php
    crash and display a beautiful page
  - import records : if the TTL is equal to 3600, do not add it in database (use
    the default one)
  - cron : update the cron cache when editing a zone/record to not refresh the
    server twice
  - configuration module
  - autorization : when adding a new object, remove the previously used objects
  - Update all the sprintf with %1$s, %2$s %3$s...
  - Check if all the REST parameters are OK (userprefs, records, zones,
  - bind::createConfLocalWithView : sort by netmask depth from /128 to /0
  - PHP : Use the namespaces and change the file names
  - servers : ratelimiter : allow the values to be defined in the configuration
  - Have an interface to define the comments put in the front of the zone file
    [Need domframework update of database schema]
  - Have an interface to define the default TTL of a zone file [Need
    domframework update of database schema], and update the bind export with
    $TTL (should solve the "using RFC1035 TTL semantics" log)
  - Have an interface to execute an external program before doing a zone export
    Ex : updateSOA of master zone
    Definition  of this external soft must be limited to the administrators
  - Check the authorization for all the controllers (userprefsrest : TODO)
  - Add a garbage cleaner to remove older unused entries of userprefs
  - Add the configuration process in HTML [need domframework config.php with 
    fields definition]
  - Update the tables structure when dblayer support it [Need domframework
    update of database schema] in install/updateDB ()
  - Install :  Check the connectivity with DNS servers by doing a reload
  - Publish the soft on Wikipedia
    <a href=''></a>
  - BUG : Check why we can not update a record if there is a tableprefix define
    in the configuration of the SQLite database
  - Add DNS Zones type (hint, master, [slave ?])
  - Removing TODO / FIXME
  - Allow one to reverse the actions (Re-add an entry after deletion)
  - See if the DomDNS is installed without SSH nor sudo (shared Web server)
  - Remove the unused zones files in DNS servers when deleting/renaming a zone
  - servers : Allow multiple servers type (other than Bind...)
  - servers : Allow sudo to provide a password
  - servers : Accept SFTP for methodFILE
  - bind createZoneFile : when a line is too long, cut it (like keys in DNSSEC)
  - record : verify the SRV/SPF/TXT fields before inserting them
  - record : Display the TTL default for zone in the form
  - config : allow multiple LDAP/SQL/Sympa servers
  - config : logging/logtype should be an array, not a string with pipes
  - config : add in authentication the parameters for the other authentication
    methods (like sympa, SQL)

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